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Zenfone 5 ZenUI Interface Full

Zenfone use Android operating system version 4.3 5 (upgradble to Android 4.4), and equipped with self-developed new interface 'Zen UI "," Zen "refers to the Chinese," Zen ", also represents the" Zen UI "is a full Zen user interface. Indeed escape in the use of the past is often criticized for ' native interface using Google without their own characteristics

"Doing it, this" Zen UI "feel is quite comprehensive vision, style is also very consistent, visible this time in" UI "(user interface) has done a considerable efforts, the results also let people see.

When you first start Zenfone 5, if you install two SIM cards, you'll be asked to set which SIM cards as the main mobile network SIM card, and registered Member (hundred online shopping can be enjoyed immediately Gold, cloud services, such as savings and monthly sweepstakes surprise), and Zen UI except Gmail will " Messenger" integrated in the system, but also business people love the secure messaging mechanisms:

Zen UI overall style is to take a similar style iOS7 flat icons, but the integration of the visual interface and quite comfortable and intuitive, the only wther the initial desktop clock, commonly used in several major App, What's Next Info reminder tools :

Zen UI only three default home screen, press and hold the space on the screen, you can add pages, appliions, shortcuts, widgets, and replace the desktop, and so on:

The main screen itself has a clock function multinational clock, alarm clock, timer and countdown table:

In the built-in part of the program, this has been quite intentions, incrsed the of customization ftures on the inside, and even the need to pay licensing fees in addition to Google's " studio" have reservations which:

Zen UI in the small tools that can be used also in a lot of effort, you can find many useful Widgets exclusive use:

Zen UI work panel also grt drama, in addition to a special "Quick Setup" function is activated hardware shortcut outside, all the ftures above can be freely configured according to your needs change:

Zenfone setting 5 interface as follows, using the Android version 4.3 (upgradble 4.4) There is also an incrse of "dual SIM card settings" and " personalized settings" special projects:

"Dual SIM Settings" allows you to assign a major call yourself a SIM card and network services can also be a to turn off when you lve work phone , allowing you to sily separate the life and work:

In the "Display" section listed yet supported "smart perspective holster" and "Wireless Screen Sharing (Miracast)" function, which can be wireless transmission of s to watch on the phone on a supported :

In the " personalized settings" in "Installation Settings" option in the main installation App to set the loion, it also allows Zenfone 5, although only the built-in 8GB ROM, is not afraid of the space is not enough. In addition Zenfone 5 also has so-called "glove mode" can be operated even when wring gloves screen when cold:

Built-in storage space for 8GB ROM, you can install the actual space of about 4GB, but with the "Installation Settings" to install the App transferred to a memory card (maximum support 64GB), still enough space (red rice only 4GB ROM, To install the software to a memory card also Root):

In the "Lock Screen" option, you can set the shortcut to unlock the way to unlock the screen, showing the time to unlock the screen, wther information, and can be shown directly slide to unlock, camera, phone and SMS functions:

The wther fture can be built with "What's New" combined, and set a of countries and cities in the future to see the day of the week and the wther changes:

In addition Zenfone 5 built-in "power saving mode" quite a variety of changes, except when there is a so-called sleep off all "extreme power saving mode" network connection, network connection and battery are also promising use made between the time equilibrium "best battery mode", but also according to your own set of usage scenarios "Custom power saving mode," Classifiion quite thin. According to the actual use of Ada, endurance Zenfone 5 is quite good, though the battery capacity is only 2110mAh, but in the case of the dual card dual standby hvy use throughout the day should be no problem:

Built-in " Library" function in accordance with the position classifiion directory, open the and the preview speed is very good:

built-in "File Manager" has been very good, and the integration of its own " WebStorage" there "Dropbox", "OneDrive" and "Google Drive" and other mainstrm cloud space, even in the district can turn a computer network end network neighborhood, but the pity is Zenfone 5 does not support OTG, I tested an external flash drive does not respond:

"FM radio" allows you to connect hd, you can listen to the radio while commuting:

"SHARE Link" is the kind of technology through Wi-Fi Direct high-speed file transfer, allowing two devices directly to the Wi-Fi wireless high-speed way to transfer files, a few hundred MB of files in one minute can be transmitted, a similar function Ada wrote " SuperBm ":

If you feel the phone screen color is not their favorite tune in the past only silently accepted, but Zenfone built-in "Splendid" fture that allows users to freely adjust the screen color temperature, hue and saturation, you can set the most suitable picture Performance:

Another proud "SuperNote" allows you to input handwritten or text notes the way, and you can insert photos, audio, , and other objects ... but there has been no alarm Ada is most needed reminder:

Although there is no music player customization, but also to modify the overall style and Zen UI unified vision, coupled with the built-in "Music Magic Formula" (previously called "sound magician") also has a good performance:

In addition to good performance multimedia music outside, Zenfone 5 is equipped with Atom Z2580 dual-core processor for smooth playback 1080P HD s, but also through Miracast s wirelessly to smart or box:

Zenfone 5 telephone interface also go minimalist style with flat, buttons oversized dial interface, support "voice command" approach in the srch for a contact, find people very sily and quickly:

Since Zenfone 5 supports dual SIM dual standby, when you want to make a call before you choose to make outgoing SIM card, in addition to Gongsifenming also have the effect of saving the bill, after the phone call can also be extended functionality:

Personally, I think the most useful of which is "call recording" function, which Riliwanji business people every day is very important, you can synchronize the recordings for important phone content. Alternatively, you can call "Super Note" notebook during a call:

Zenfone 5 performance

Zenfone5 use Atom Z2580 2.0 GHz dual nuclr power plant thrd core processor with PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU, 1GB RAM, 1280 * 720 resolution Super IPS screen and other hardware specifiions, in the performance of a good performance:

Quadrant Standaed run divided 10630 points, tamper-resistant security Bunny X evaluation also has 22,590 points, the performance is even better than the Xperia Z and Note2, red rice is exactly doubled :

VELLAMO's HTML5 score of 1939 points, representing the performance of Metal score of 709 points, Ada tested ran several high-quality 3D games can also be smoothly executed:

Zenfone 5 10:00 touch screen support:

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