Thursday, May 26, 2016

Download eWther HD, Radar HD, Alerts v5.3.1 Apk

eWther HD is the most informative Android appliion about your environment: Current wther and wther forecasts from different wther providers, NOAA wther alerts, latest rthquakes, live radar, geomagnetic storm forecast, pressure change indior, wind and moon and sun calendar, METAR.

The NOAA Doppler Radar shows tornado, rain, snow, and hail clouds movement on Google Maps around your loion in rl time with higher resolution s than any other app for Android ( USA only).

• Hi-Def, Rl-Time animated NOAA (NEXRAD) Radar on Google maps (USA only),
• Cloud satellite layer on map (USA, Europe, Japan and Australia),
• Two world-renowned wther providers: Foreca and US wther provider,
• 130,000 loions all over the world,
• Twenty original widgets of the wther, radar, time, moon phase, barometer, geomagnetic index, and UV index (1×1, 2×1, 2×2, 1×4, 4×1, 4×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×2, 5×5 etc),
• Widgets for lockscreen was added (only for Android 4.2)
• 126 wther alert egories.
• Radar widget on OpenStreetMap (for USA only),
• S surface temperature on wther map, widgets, noifiion ar,
• Ten day forecast,
• Ten notifiion indiors in the status bar: temperature, moon phase, rthquakes, alerts, barometer etc,
• rthquakes widget on OpenStreetMap,
• Wther Alerts (Advisory, Watch, or Warning) from NOAA (National Ocnic and Atmospheric Administration) for USA,
• Black ice and freeze warnings,
• One-hundred latest rthquakes in the world on Google map,
• Barometer with hdache indior,
• Pressure forecast graph (Foreca only),
• Moon phase, moon rise and moon set times,
• Sunrise and sunset times,
• Duration of the day,
• World map with wther alerts, wther, rthquakes and local time.
• Geomagnetic storm forecast,
• Wind speed and directionality indiors in both 10-day and hour-by-hour forecasts (except Foreca),
• 24 hour by hour forecast,
• Current wther conditions,
• Only uses 10 KBytes of internet traffic per city for ch wther update,
• World clock,
• METAR from wther station (except Foreca),
• UV index,
• Precipitation probability,
• Precipitation amount: rainfall and new snowfall amount,
• Follow by loion (uses GPS or Cell Network loion determination),
• Full tablet support,
• Send wther forecast, wther alerts, rthquakes by e-mail

eWther HD:
• Is an sy to use, handy assistant for staying informed about changing wther conditions,
• Has a built-in barometer. A diagram is displayed which shows the atmospheric pressure changes for the past 24 hours. A red warning display is produced when the barometer detects changes more than 0.2 inhg.
• Provides information on the last 100 rthquakes from all over the world. View the latest rthquakes in a list or on a map. Provides information regarding magnitude, time and distance. You can filter rthquakes by their magnitude and distance from your loion

The most unique fture in this appliion is the “Wther Clock”. It provides all of the previous information in an hour-by-hour clock format and is very interactive, informative and fun to use. Check it out!

What’s New
- Radar is compatibile with Android 4.4 now
- Digital clock inside dial with hourly forecast
- Option for choose values by click on the dial of the wther clock
- Lock screen widget with dial and five day forecast or alerts list or quakes list or map
- Widget with alerts list
- Widget with rthquakes list
- Map was improved
- Hide state and country in loion names
- Option for screen on always
- Widget preview speed was incrsed
- rthquakes filter by depth
- Two lines mode for 1×1 widget

- Enter 11111 in for in settings to remove the trial

eWther HD, Radar HD, Alerts v5.3.1 Apk Screenshots

Download File:eWther HD, Radar HD, Alerts v5.3.1 Apk

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