Thursday, May 26, 2016

Download 2Can BlackBerry Transfer v1.3.14 Apk

2Can converts your BlackBerry ® contacts, SMS text messages, memo notes, tasks to your new Android phone! Transfer and convert all of your important BlackBerry data: address book contacts, memo notes, to-do list tasks, call logs, and SMS text messages – move it all from BlackBerry to your new Android phone. 2Can lets you keep all those yrs’ worth of valuable information. 2Can is rlly fast and sy to use!

2Can uses your BBB or IPD BlackBerry backup file, so plse make sure you can back up your BlackBerry, and that your Android phone shows up as a “ drive letter” when you plug it into your PC. We show you how in the User Guide and the YouTube s – it’s rlly sy!

Mac Users: There is one extra step for you right now. It’s detailed in the User Guide, but let me know if you need any help and I’ll walk you through it.

0. 2Can does not work with the brand-new BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 . 99% of you out there have older BlackBerrys, and you’ll be fine. If you new Z10 or Q10 owners have a backup file from an older phone, that’s all you need for 2Can to do its magic.
1. Plse note 2Can will not transfer your calendar (yet).
2. 2Can won’t transfer the photos of your BlackBerry contacts. This has not been a major issue so far, as FaceBook and Google+ sync eventually add your contacts photos in over time.
3. Your SMS messages will be stored in a color-d 2Can file, not in the phone’s native SMS app. You’ll see everything, but you won’t be able to reply. The rson? There is no unified API for Android SMS messages. ch phone manufacturer was allowed to implement SMS independently, with no published spec for interface. I had no choice on this one, sorry!
4. 2Can works with English/Spanish characters: A-Z,a-z,0-9,etc. 2Can can’t handle other character sets such as Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, etc.

Folks, I will help you with ANY problem you run into with 2Can! Just write to me at the ‘Email Developer’ link, and I’ll give you a refund right away, I’ll fix it, AND I’ll let you have it for free. I put a yr of work into 2Can, and I’ll make it work for you.

Galaxy Note 2 users: Do not be scared off by the one star rating someone left. I rched out to her, but she didn’t respond. I wish she would have let me help her! My wife and Mom both have Note 2, and 2Can works grt! There are other positive user reviews here from Note 2 users, too.

What’s New
Added saving all Memo Notes to 2Can_MemoNotes.txt. Press the menu button on the Memo Notes list screen and you’ll see the new option!

2Can BlackBerry Transfer v1.3.14 Apk Screenshots

Download File:2Can BlackBerry Transfer v1.3.14 Apk

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