Thursday, May 26, 2016

The new UI design ZenFone 5 Unpacking msured

[Review by AppGuru Taiwan] C mobile phone market recruits another hair! Although the phone work for yrs, but in the global market share performance has not been very brisk, the CP with to jointly build high-value mobile , and named ZenFone as a separate series, trying to sprint global smartphone board diagram. The Egg fortunate to borrow to ZenFone 5, to share with you the actual experience.
You can see the words on the big boxed ZenFone 5, but also put a desktop gadget Zen UI, emphasizing the design of the new user interface

In the box there are a variety of mobile msuring surface ftures, including cameras, music, 3G Internet, Bluetooth 4.0, it is interesting boxed drawer carton design, so pack a 7 hole dug in particular to highlight these ftures, be Packed in a little small thinking

Packed side reiterated the words ZefFone 5

Packed with detailed ZenFone 5 behind the hardware specifiions, as well as the origin of the Chinese mainland manufacturing

Out of the box! Phone wrapped in a protective plastic sleeve inside, printed above ZenFone

Packed inside the charger, micro USB cable, hd

Charger output 1.35A

erosion within the micro USB transmission line logo, design has taken into account the small details

Containing wire supplied r / microphone rbud hd, the sound quality is not bad with texture

Protagonist appred, ZenFone 5, which is a 5-inch smartphone, equipped with 1280 X 720 resolution, IPS screen

Above have the handset, light sensor, proximity sensor, warning lamp, 2-megapixel front camera

Below are three physical buttons induction, unfortunately did not do backlight design, the evening can only rely on their memories users to become familiar with the loion of these

There are concentric lines designed to make the button below to add points to the texture

5 inch mobile , ZenFone 5 body count rather long and weighs 145 grams moderate, IPS screen stunning performance, color saturation, wide viewing angle, full-fit design allows visual operation more intuitive. ZenFone 5 is equipped with three erations of Corning Gorilla Glass screen there is a certain level of anti-scratch

On the right side is the power button with the volume

ftures, the top has to do the same concentric lines

On the left side are reserved for the back cover with a hole to facilitate open. ZenFone Although the thickness of up to 10.34mm, but the edge has to do the design of the income side, the visual upgrade has now feel

Top is the hdphone jack

The bottom is a micro USB charging hole

Behind equipped with 8 megapixel camera Pixel Master and fill light. Under relatively light gray printed with inside ZenFone logo, then the following is spker

ZenFone 5 cover can be removed, but can not replace the battery

Demolition of the back cover is mainly to users placing two micro SIM (3G +2 G) with the micro SD card replacement

About ZenFone ringer volume test, I used Carly Rae Jepsen's call me maybe do the test, ZenFone loud spker 5 is about 84.8 db, considered moderate performance

One is about 99.6 db, for your reference

First entered ZenFone, apprs set to select the input method as well as a network connection, you can see the phone in the picture is almost below the following characteristics should ZenFone

Zen UI design of the board is five lines, including digital, I like the board. Start setting would first ask you whether you want to log in or join Member

Other cloud, community, e-mail can also be set at the outset

Zen UI unlock screen gadget has a very large combined in a transparent screen, time, day, alarm clock messages, as well as one of my very favorite new gadget called the "what's next", it uses a vertical timeline concept to alert the user is currently underway and the next calendar of upcoming events. Three circles shortcuts (think boxed circle logo) can drop down directly enable this fture

Zen UI using a large of small transparent tool that allows desktop ftured a more complete presentation

Wther on your desktop that you can click to see more detailed information

Zen UI drop-down menu is very interesting, is a mns to pull down the notifiion message on the left, but you can see now with tomorrow's wther, in the drop-down bias to the right, then it is a built-in fast switching, including wireless hotspots, wireless screen MiraCast switches, etc.

A list of built-in appliions

For less common appliion users can freely choose to hide

Classifiion to download the appliion, including the gadget also has done such a classifiion

Zen UI board has many fast switching, sliding around the spacebar to switch input methods. Dialpad support smart phonetic / English dial

Zen UI built-in color temperature adjustment, as well as different music mode switch

Zen UI which includes SIM card settings, you can define the default voice, Internet, data usage will also be able to set an upper limit for individual

An Bunny detailed specifiions glance, ZenFone 5 is equipped with Atom CPU Z2580 dual-core processor, built-in 8GB ROM, the actual available space about 5.1GB, RAM memory 1GB, android 4.3

Although ZenFone 5 with dual-core processors, but the school can be msured is above the red rice with MediaTek quad-core processor, scored 20,785 Points

Pictures ZenFone 5 right-hand side of the interface is the camera shutter switch Turbo mode (continuous shooting), up to 100, but the continuous shooting just 2-megapixel resolution, this reminder. ZenFone 5 sensitive design wise, if the environment is dark, it will automatically prompt you to switch to a low-light mode (that is, by the lovely owl)

In addition to the automatic mode, the user can also switch itself to a variety of modes more attractive photo shoot

Switching the left hand side there is the fill light set, front and rr lens switching, filter effects

Setting is very rich in detail, adjustable white balance, ISO, exposure

Anti-shake, touch shutter

Recording can record Full HD

s can also start anti-shake function

There are more settings including selectable camera shutter setting off loion services, anti-dodge (fluorescent)

There are volume to set the shutter button

The following is a rl shot in automatic mode, tap the photo to view the original file

Start low light mode

Overall, ZenFone 5 this hardware apprance, have a good level of detail, there are mid-range phone with a sense that some of the design elements, the software interface is different from the experience of the past PadFone series, the new flat design of the wind with a large of transparent elements gadget is very delie, practical gadgets like what's next this is my personal favorite design, for a day trip rich people especially useful. Color screen is very satisfied with the performance, comparable to the standard of the various flagship machine, only make up less than the 720P. The camera's performance has exceeded my expectations, especially in low-light environments, beyond the eral performance of the sensitivity of the performance of entry-level handsets. Of course ZenFone 5 or some fly in the ointment, if not support USB OTG, and play hvy 3D games will lag (I used to do the testing Gameloft's Asphalt 8), of course, mild game no problem. Today ZenFone 5 on the first day on sale, it is understood priced at 4990, PCHome 15:00 on sale, grab red rice, M320, I personally consider very recommended to start.

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