Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zenfone 6 Elegance Camera

published in Taipei ZenFone products, including the entire field of the most absorbing eye than the price of only 6,990 yuan ZenFone6, this camera boasts a powerful fture , let see its elegance!outer screen cover glass, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, Super IPS panel, nrly 180-degree viewing angle There are lights below 13 million pixel PixelMaster camera lens. When enabled camera mode, side volume can be used as physical shutter button is used, but the focus according to the screen.
camera operations simple interface and the icons are very large

Built-in variety of shooting modes group shot can detect the of faces two million pixels front camera front of the camera shooting mode list albums are automatically arranged by date benth the lens has a fill light

detect moving objects system offers continuous shooting five further processing

crte depth s, you can see the system automatically shoot multiple merger

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