Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zenfone Launching at Taiwan

ZenFone thousands of people experience Carnival admission staff reminded" Today is ZenFone thousand people experiencing carnival!
Editor took this time to you and fans frequently asked questions, available for sy QA:Q1: what do you need in a timely manner on the day 1:40 completion of the procedure? A1: Yes, open admission activities at 13:00 promptly, plse complete the and admission procedure before 13:40.

By 13:40 is not present, complete procedure, will be ineligible to admission.
Q2: on that day, what documents do you need to carry?

A2:4/8 on that day, admission is for checking eligibility and to facilitate the day sweepstakes awarding procedures, plse bring the of my identity card or driver's and present (commensurate with the needs of applicants and documents, this activity limits I attend and participate in the draw).
Q3: I have successfully signed up, but I have yet to receive event notifiion or , what then?

A3: plse contact the event organizer directly (provided your enrollment ID font size and name),, post-processing in order to do for you.
Q4: I that a person went to so lonely, can I bring my boyfriend/girlfriend/family go in with me? A4: active rules, this event was successful I only attend and participate in the draw.

Subject to change, will be posting this fix, if not, then follow this provision.
On site you can buy ZenFone the Q5:4/8? A5: Yes, the day can be purchased directly to ZenFone smart phone Q6: on that day I can swipe?
There are no invoices? A6: Carnival, offers both credit card and cash services. After completing the purchase, scene ZenFone phone with the purchase invoice.

Plse remember to purchase dler business for business card, if you have questions you can contact.
Q7: I don't have a credit card, that bring as much cash went to better? Experience ZenFone will be published on the day of the Carnival A7:ZenFone thousand Taiwan sale specifiions and amount. Recommends that the participating fans to keep the cash.

ATM cash machines nr National Taiwan University Stadium, but due to the crowd many proposals receive cash to be duly in advance.

Q8: I can buy ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 6 A8: Yes, when you can purchase at a site directly ZenFone or ZenFone 5 6, ch purchased a cell phone.
Q9: 500 yuan of coupons issued by the day, has used ddlines?

A9: the coupon will be provided in the report, limit activities on site on the day, plse do not forget to use coupon at the checkout.
Q10: what do I have to wr clothes more appropriate?

A10: it is recommended to wr a white, black or red dress, everyone experiences ZenFone.
Q11: do activities you can experience in the day to the ZenFone?
A11: Yes, there are active experience, you can make your travel experience ZenFone Q12: what fans of the day took part in the surprise? A12: day activities design, hopes can to fans were left better of memory, to scene Hou plse attention hosted units of related notifiion and bulletin (especially sweepstakes part, do don't forgot has) if has is not do matters, plse fans were directly wrote to or from paid customer service phone: 0800-093456 contact polling activities proclaimed: hosted units retained modified activities, and awards and the details right, without prior notifiion, And hold on to explain all this activity or decision rights.

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