Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zenfone 6 Problem: Can't Boot


There is Zenfone 6 costumer, who bought zenfone 6 can't pass the boot process here is the pictures taken from taiwan forum:

今天首賣會買的 ZenFone6
等到發現無法開機時 已經來不及回去更換
詢問經銷商 目前沒有手機可以更換 店員說要再問問看他上司
詢問華碩 請我回去找經銷商
太相信今天施董說的"我們已經做到6個標準差" "我們要 華碩品質 堅若磐石"

The Translation:
Today, the first sale of ZenFone6
Not even lve the venue boot test
Found not boot until it was too late to go back to replace
There is no phone can ask the dler to replace the clerk said again ask to see his boss
plse ask me to go back to find dlers
So it seems only wait for a replacement on sale again

Too believe that today Shi Dong said, "We've done six standard deviation" "We want rock-solid quality."

Stuck on boot

The problem has been resolved by replacing with the new one from

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