Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zenfone 5 with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM will be launch at May 1st

ZenFone 5 2GB version confirmed, is expected to officially launch on May 1.

Currently on sale for two versions ZenFone 5, the 2GHz and 1.6GHz versions of the A500's A501, but only 1GB of memory and 8GB ROM, for many consumers, it always felt a little sorry.
However, rlier confirmed that they will launch Zenfone 5 2GB memory and 16GB ROM version, it will be launch at May 1st, the price was raised to NT $ 5,490 million, the processor should be the same as the A500 2.0GHz.

Consumers who have purchased ZenFone 5 do not be too sad, will be presented an 8GB memory and lectual holster to 1GB/8GB ROM consumers. Although additional gift under a 8GB memory for A500 and A501 consumers, but pre 2GB/16GB ROM version consumers can get 8GB memory card cases, people seem unhappy by rly buy Zenfone 5.

[Taiwan Price]
ZenFone 5 - 2.0GHz/RAM 1GB/ROM 8GB NT 4990
ZenFone 6 - 2.0GHz/RAM 2GB/ROM 8GB NT 6990
[Global version ]
ZenFone 5 - 1.6GHz/RAM 1GB/ROM 8GB RMB 799 (about NT $ 3995)
ZenFone 5 - 2.0GHz/RAM 2GB/ROM 16GB RMB 999 (about NT $ 4995)
ZenFone 6 - 2.0GHz/RAM 1GB/ROM 8GB RMB 999 (about NT $ 4995)
ZenFone 6 - 2.0GHz/RAM 2GB/ROM 16GB RMB 1299 (about NT $ 6495)

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