Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zenfone 6 Ftures

Zenfone 6 6 inch 2.0GHz very effective almighty wisdom machine
ZenFone 6 very effective, versatile, sensual, entertainment ─ ─ wonderful experience unimaginable
Powerful 3D experience beyond the limits of GPU processing capabilities and smooth multi-tasking
60 ms response time to support touch input glove hand operation intuitive se of use
13 million pixel camera lens PANASONIC night shoot distinctive feel light built four large 3300mAh battery 2GB memory capacity to meet the practical needs of your

Domineering exposed deep internal forces
ZenFone series equipped with powerful CPU ─ ─ multi potent, long-lasting endurance; dual card dual standby; work and entertainment, smless switching fillip in!

Tough inner = INSIDE
ZenFone 6 equipped with Atom 2580 CPU, and Web Apps open speed, weight soared to play 3D games, to fill the gap! ZenFone 6 & Inside overview cpu performance dual-sim dual-carrier-hspa power-saving

3D experience, beyond the limit
Using PowerVR SGX 544 MP2 GPU, its powerful GPU processing power, regardless of the crtion, sharing and viewing high-definition pictures and s, or enjoy reloading 3D games, can enjoy unparalleled sense of fluency

Dual card dual standby, speed download
ZenFone 6 dual-card design allows you to sily grasp the life and work of a machine. With the ZenFone 6 of 3D laser engraving antenna design, whether in transit or tunnel, can have excellent reception quality!

Quick step whirlwind speed Internet
Dual antenna design Zenfone 6 of (DC-HSPA +) download speeds of up to degree 42Mbps, download , browsing the web is to make you quick step!

lectual life fighting power
Since the antenna design low-power processor with 's excellent ZenFone, ZenFone bring you excellent power performance! Zenfone using high-sensitivity antenna design 3D laser engraving, so you either in transit or tunnels are extremely smooth. Savings while also allowing ZenFone srch signal power consumption, so you grtly incrse the standby time

One finger touches the wonderful action
Experience ZenFone 6 of the new technology, from the beginning of your fingers.

Meticulous detail, showing the amplifier
ZenFone 6 is equipped with 6-inch 1280 * 800 high resolution screen, but also with the IPS + and 400 lumens brightness, any detail, color, can a tremendous amount, brilliant show!

Diamond Panel impregnable
R R Corning Gorilla Glass third eration to exclusive Native Damage Resistance technology, developed to enhance the degree of their predecessors scratch three times, visible scratches reduced by 40% when the glass under pressure, which will incrse the degree of compression 50% of the best products, the best protection force presented.

Delie touch sensitive controls
Experience world-class sensitive touch, ZenFone 6 with Qantas touch response time of 60 ms, with a smooth surface on the anti-fingerprint screen coating, let you control any function effortlessly!

Rdily touch unrestrained
No longer have the glove won! ZenFone 6 support gloves inputs let you in any situation, you can intuitively sy to use ZenFone6

Auditory fst stunning shock
Golden r tm developed SonicMaster, combined with large spkers, resonate with precise tuning software that allows you to use hd, whether watching , playing music or playing games, you can enjoy home-thter sound rich and delie charm

Stunning picture quality exclusive technology
PixelMaster combines software, hardware, and optical design developed a unique technology that allows your cell phone quality comparable to a professional level camera, so you can always capture life, memorable and moving moments.

Induction of your hrt, to provide the best shooting experience
PixelMaster low light mode supports both photography and photography, Time Rewind precise seize every expression, Selfie main camera self-timer fture allows more happy moments together. Photos automatically upload the cloud space, a collection of every screen. PixelMaster allows you to move ch time, the collection into the hrt of the most butiful scenery.

Unparalleled high sensitivity, without flash, and can capture delie moments!
No matter how dark your environment, with high sensitivity mode to take photos or s, but it can take a clr and objects around the scene, as well as photos dark noise, which is sensitive technology exclusive PixelMaster Camera! Through the combined screen pixels and processing optimization, sensitivity and noise reduction capabilities make the phone incrsed by 400%, 200% incrse color contrast. When day shoot, due to incrsed dynamic range cameras, photo Contrast will incrse, more vibrant colors. In the state of the backlight, backlight object is no longer dark, you can not flash in the situation, the object will still bright. When night shoot, you can shoot bright and clr pictures, and reduce dark noise. -developed optimization technology, adjust color, contrast and noise volume. Will do for the bright lights of the calculation and the dark, and then adjust the effect of a grt photo shoot.

Five lenses, photographic ultimate subversion
To shoot a picture of excellent photographs, light is the most important factor. Photographic lens larger pixel sensor, the more light you can collect. Make photos even better, more vivid s, colors more vivid, and reduce noise eration. will integrate five lenses Ling extremely slim body, f/2.0 large aperture will be able to import more light! All this, so that every time you shoot professional and admirable wonderful photos.

Never miss moments
Start Time Rewind fture, PixelMaster Camera will help you automatically before the shutter two seconds and one second after pressing the record of 31 photos for you to choose, so you never omissions precious time.

Regardless of body tremor or shaking, able to shoot Zen style
Also worried because the tremor and blurry photos or s stabilizer through automatic matching reference points in the , and present the correct interpretation of the screen, so you no matter walking or on the bus;??! Matter how bt, can show clr s. As for moving objects or violent shaking body, does not apply to this fture, plse use the Turbo Burst Shots Burst shooting.

Panoramic mode is most in!
360 〫 panorama shooting, follow directions, photographed around the scene, showing the complete surroundings. Use the software to rd the photo shoot and upload google+, sily share your crtive life

After the self-pixel camera better
Now you can sily post through high pixel camera self-timer, but do not be afraid card out anyone! As soon as the before shooting, the camera automatically detects human faces selected shooting. And in a single burst three, never happened a shot to make another, photographed face stiff dilemma.

Phone camera can also shoot depth of field?? How could that be?
Depth of field you want to shoot photos, just pick up the phone ZenFone, select the foreground or background of any object, you can remove the rest of the focal length to crte the perfect depth of field. sily transformed into a professional SLR photographers hand, even your friends can not believe this is the mobile phone to crte a photographic effect.

Everything to do is to focus camera is no exception!
When click on a particular object, even if the object moves slightly, Camera autofocus can continue to let you shoot张张清clarity of photos!

How are clrly zooms
Want to shoot on the street on the roof, but only four-footed shot into the mosaic animals? PixelMaster Clr Zoom camera technology that allows you to capture distant objects, able to maintain clr and sharp s.

Rdily want to take pictures not Wait
Phone from hibernation, briefly press the volume twice to quickly enter the camera, and then a moving can be captured. No longer have to miss out because of fr of the sight and hectic, but not because of the shooting and regret too late!

Oops ... someone eyes closed
Every time someone did not always take group photos or close your eyes look into the camera, a photo shoot to make another let lose the most natural expression. All smile selection mode, simply press the shutter button, the camera will shoot successive five photos, let you pick and choose the best angle for everyone, everyone combined into one perfect photo!

Do not let chaos into passers AB ruin your memories
Smart remove light patterns can remove moving objects, so you will never see a stranger in the photo shadow

Diverse effects model adds enjoyment of life
PixelMaster Camera built-in photo effects, including a hand-drawn style pencil drawing pen effects, childlike cartoon effects, and reduce the effect of shifting the eyes of the world, so that pictures can be ever-changing.

After taking photographs also face trim system software? All get there PixelMaster Camera
Buty Mode lets you take pictures and immediately retouching, as you narrow face, enlarge the eyes, add a little blush, skin thoroughly, so your photos can show butiful s.

Photos can also record live show interesting dynamic surge
Open GIF dynamic function, long press the capture button to make the continuous pictures as GIF moving s, so you always show the crtive life style.

ZenUI Yu simplify your fingertips
ZenUI R & D tm focused for you to crte comprehensive understand you, show you, stretch you, liberate your brand-new experience

Not only butiful, better use
ZenUI, in order to better experience the birth. From the user's needs, thereby crting better use, more intuitive user interface. Powerful and clever system that allows users to focus on the details of life in a variety of exciting.

Want a private secretary do?
What's next not only helps you automatically manage the new itinerary, the next appointment reminder countdown display canceled events, contact VIP priority reminder calls and birthdays ... and even artificial lice to lrn through your normal trip, let Wisdom is more intimate.

Want a more leisurely life?
Whether , web pages, e-mail or call, just add Do It Later, big and small no matter how you arrange. Low levels of important things, so you have time to remind trtment, no longer have to worry about being a huge information to drown.

What is ZenFone?
Zen is a performance that is known attitude that line, simple, and live music, the pursuit of balance and buty of life. The ZenFone is the perfect combination of wisdom and trends, not only busy life sily organized and better able to understand your needs, liberate your various life inconvenient restraint, so that you can focus on more important things. Through ZenFone, you can enjoy the expression, enjoy sharing your knowledge and think beyond, far-rching series throughout the world.

Zen Spirit: minimalist, very butiful, very calm
ZenFone series followed the unprecedented top ZenBook classic design, full of Zen concentric design elements, the ultimate buty of design, it is an elegant interpretation of the classic elements ZenFone. ZenFone production process, only 0.13 mm pitch with precision CNC milling, drilling and cutting a 45 ° angle precision machining, to crte unparalleled fine texture, and through colorful anodized 7 engineering methods, showing a conventional metal with a different color .

Wonderful innovation of perfect quality
quality, rock-solid belief has been that we adhere to, so the use of more strint test than the industry to challenge the limits of product design, but also the use of better materials to ensure that we give every customer a product, are perfect quality masterpiece

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