Thursday, May 26, 2016

new ZenFone smartphone series 4-6 inches meet the pursuit of a different feel

If you ever want to buy , only PadFone series with FonePad two options, and this yr 2014 CES, the feel different sizes in order to meet user preferences, launched a new family of ZenFone, including 4-inch to 6-inch models, which also unveiled a new ZenUI synchronous interface, the flagship enhance the user experience.

ZenFone family of Atom processors are used, the larger the size specifiions as the better, both support dual SIM cards, Taiwan is expected to be the end of March.

▲ ZenFone 4

ZenFone 4 for the entry-level model, the whole body are made of plastic. Hardware equipped with Atom Z2520 1.2GHz processor, built-in Android 4.3 (will be upgraded to 4.4 KitKat) system, 1GB RAM and 4GB storage, support Micro SD card expansion. 4-inch TN panel screen 800 × 480 resolution, the body is very light, only 115 grams. As the camera parts, the first 30-megapixel camera, the main camera is a 5 megapixel, there are black, white, red, blue, yellow five colors, suggested retail price $ 99.

▲ ZenFone 5

5 and 6 of the texture is better, the screen up and down the border are aluminum texture, very close to the hardware specifiions, the main difference is the size of cameras and cell , ZenFone 5 with 8,000,000 PixelMaster camera, ZenFone 6 with 13 million PixelMaster camera.

▲ ZenFone 6

Both screens are made of IPS panel, compared to 4 TN panel, colors and better viewing angle performance, resolution, aspect of 1280 × 720. Processor equipped with Atom Z2580 2.0GHz, the same built-in Android 4.3 system (upgradble to 4.4).

Also ZenFone 5 provides three kinds of 4/8/16 GB capacities, ZenFone 6 only 8/16GB, but the former is only equipped with 1GB RAM, the latter has 1/2GB RAM two ways. Suggested retail price was $ 149 and $ 199.

In addition to hardware specifiions, ZenUI also part of the very brightest.

ZenUI first re Tasks appliion, users can instantly alert-do. Under the assumption of a sudden emercy event, the user may at any time things currently underway, is set to Rd Later fture, which over time things will be arranged in Tasks App, when after emercy trtment, simply enter The next point to Tasks, and do, it will immediately return to the original processing screen. Now supports built-in e-mail, browser, calendar, etc., can also be through a third-party App Share button added to Tasks, it offers a more convenient lifestyle.

The camera also ftures a few more ftures, the first is "Time Shift" on the phone before recording by pressing the shutter two seconds after the second immediately to allow the user to select the best photos, "Selfie" automatically detect human faces and start pictures, more convenient self-timer, "Hi-light" in addition to single shooting, but also support taped.

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