Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Un-Brick Zenfone 4 A400CG

If you can't enter Recovery at USB mode, you can try this Method:
Zenfone Brick USB Mode
Resources to Download:
USB Driver (Download HERE) USB Driver (Download HERE)iSocUSB-Driver-Setup-1.0.4.exe (Download HERE)xfstk-downloader-setup-1.5.1.exe (Download HERE)AndroidDrvSetup1.5.0.exe (Download HERE) ADB Fastboot ( (Download HERE)FW DnX, IFWI, OS DnX, OS files (Download For Zenfone 4 )Update Splashscreen.bat (Download HERE)Download Zenfone 4 RAW Firmware ( JellyBn , KitKat) Instructions:
Download All Resources above and Place it to one Folder, and Install USB Driver& Zenfone USB Driver.The first step is to install iSocUSB-Driver-Setup-1.0.4.exe, when your phone is on USB pattern apprs when connected to the computer should be two new devices, both at Soc classifiion: CloverviewPlus Device and Soc USB Driver.unbrick-zenfone-device managerThe second step is to install xfstk-downloader-setup-1.5.1.exe and switch to the CLVP A0/B0/B1 Tab, and Make sure Device status column which shows the Scanning: CLOVERVIEWPLUS TARGETS DETECTED: 1, if the final surface is displayed as 0, check again Device Manager and make sure Zenfone is detected.
xfstk-downloader zenfoneDetected Device:CLOVERVIEWPLUS TARGETS DETECTED: 1The next thing is very simple, sequentially select FW DnX, IFWI, OS DnX, OS files that you have downloaded rlier.and Click Begin Download, then USB pattern on the phone will have a progress bar display (red)Unbrick Zenfone xSTFK Downloader ProgressUpon completion of the phone will automatically rebootFlash RAW Firmware via Droidboot if Necessary (Tutorial Here)

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