Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Fix Bootloop on Zenfone 4 A400CG

Today I will share some methods How to Fix Bootloop on Zenfone 4. Bootloop mns your phone doesn't boot up right, it's just starting and starting and nothing happens, or it's starting and shutting down and starting again. It just mns your phone makes a loop while booting
Method 1First Method you can enter Safe Mode if it's possible. But you must know the cause of bootloop, for example My Zenfone Bootloop because accidentally install bad apps/apk. This Method will not erase your data.
Turn Off ZenfoneTurn On Zenfone and When it Show Logo Quickly Press Volume Down Until Enter Safe ModeFix the Problem by deleting the cause of BootloopRestart your Zenfone, and see your bootloop is fixed or not. Detailed Instructions about Safe Mode can you see Here :

Method 2Second Method Can be applied if your Zenfone 4 can enter droidboot. This Method will erase your data (data loss).
Turn Off Zenfone 4 and Remove the batteryPlug in the battery again.Enter Droidboot mode by Pressing Volume up + PowerZenfone 4 Droidboot Mode - Choose "Factory Reset"Reboot and See if your Bootloop has been resolved or not.Method 3The Third Method requires RAW firmware for Zenfone 4, and a Micro SD Installed on your Zenfone 4. This Method completely erase all of your data and root.
Download Raw Firmware for Zenfone 4 ( JellyBn , KitKat) Place RAW file inside SD CardTurn Off Zenfone 4 and Enter Droidboot by pressing Volume up + Power ButtonChoose "SD Download" Wait Until Finish and Reboot

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