Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zenfone AOSP by Shakalaca (For Dev Only)

Crted by Shakalaca Original Post : (Do it With Your Own Risks) Changelog
2014-11-29 First alpha relse ( webstorage) (MEGA) (MediaFire)
can boot, woot ! ;-)only tested on ZenFone 5 (T00F), (T00G)
How to use
Simple version
make sure you're phone is in 4.4.x KitKat stock ROMnot necessary, but you can unlock bootloader with the toolkit if you want to replace boot.imgDownload ADB Fastboot Tools HEREDownload File above and place it to ADB FolderGo to Droidboot Mode by Pressing Volume up + PowerConnect Zenfone to PC / LaptopAt ADB Folder Press Shift+ Right Click and Open Command Window Here, and Type: fastboot flash boot boot.imgfastboot flash system system.imgfactory reset (in bootloader or in recovery)Bug :Not Include GappsGPS: Gps will crashSD Card: c did not load successfully
Long version
not finished yet
How to build one ?
RTFM here : clone and place the folder in device//a500cgsource build/ && lunch aosp_a500cg-userdebug && make -j4for system.img: out/target/product/a500cg/system.imgfor kernel: out/target/product/a500cg/kernelfor ram.img: out/target/product/a500cg/ram.imgfor crting bootable boot.img: out/host/linux-x86/bin/pack_ device//a500cg/blobs/boot-ww- kernel ram.img new_boot.imgScreenshots:T00F:


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