Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zenfone 5 Test: GPS, Compass, 3D benchmark, Battery life

Today, Zenfone 5 alrdy hit the store in Indonesia. There are some reviews from Indonesian people who bought Zenfone 5. The test are: GPS Test, Compass, 3D Benchmark and Zenfone 5 Battery Life. All picture and test credit to id namuz @ kaskus (the largest indonesian forum). Zenfone 5 Test :
Sygic Test: GPS lock under 30 sSygic on Zenfone 5GPS TestZenfone 5 GPS TestCompass sensorCompass 3D Benchmark3D BenchmarkDetailsBattery Life (Dual sim on, Download, Social Media, GPS, Benchmark)around 12 hour
Battery Test

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