Thursday, May 26, 2016

ZenFone 4/5/6 KitKat 4.4 official update and add new ftures ZenUI

Thank you for your patience, announced that with immediate effect ZenFone4 (A400CG), ZenFone5 (A500 / A501CG), ZenFone6 (A600 / A601CG) operating system will be upgraded to Android 4.4 ('KitKat'), this upgrade includes the exclusive ZenUI new fture that allows users more convenient, intuitive way to interact with your phone, you will use the experience to a whole new level.

Built-in upgrade program through the phone, your phone will begin to receive upgrade notifiions, via Wifi connection to download the upgrade.

This update focuses:
1 system upgrade to Android KitKat 4.4.
2 New phone calls harassment interception.
3 new effects can be added to the in a variety of special effects filters.
4 new phone srch function strange, if you're mode, the original card clawback mechanism and dual card dual standby access.

This update includes the following systems and functional improvement:

System and input method:
- Improved Chinese handwriting recognition rate, even if the Chinese writing stroke order to adjust or different, can quickly identify.
- Provide contact telephone records and who calls sy mode newsletter large font version.
- Added notifiion fture is not rding the word from the VIP contacts, including missed calls, unrd email, unrd SMS.

Phone and SMS functions:
- Added harassing phone calls to intercept function (this function only in Taiwan and China to use).
- Added a strange phone srch function, if you're mode.
- Added call back to the original card Clawback call records, the use of caller ID callback.
- New dual card dual standby access functions available at call, accept pluggable prompted another phone .
- New SMS function, incrsed functionality can be marked VIP newsletter.

Camera and display functions:
- New camera ftures automatic start anti-shake function.
- New camera ftures effects, filters can be added to a variety of special effects in the process.
- New rotation, select the desired to follow the vertical or horizontal play.
- Add a picture browse mode, to provide mobile phone / tablet horizontal screen best display. "
- New Photo Gallery micro ftures.

Appliion software and programming:
- Added "Data transfer" appliion, allowing you to transfer significant incrse user data (eg, contacts and other information, etc.) from other mobile device brands.
- New exclusive emoticons Bbbler Actors functions "Omlet chat rooms."
- New FM radio channels broadcasting in manual input.
- Added automatic srch for a local FM radio station list.
- Added support for FM radio broadcasting system to display digital station name and text messages (RDS).
- New PC Link, Remote Link.

"What's Next" fture:
- Added support for 24-hour display.
- Added background transparency level adjustment based on preference.
- New ways to remove notifiion card using the slide project.
-What's Next notice the new fast action button.

1) update to the Android 4.4 version of the software, the old appliion program links with the community media and cyberspace account will be deleted and replaced by the new ZenUI service background [system]. Therefore, after the upgrade, you will be asked to allow authorized ZenUI service background [system] to access social media and cyberspace information to provide gallery, music, File Manager, contacts, and calendar and other uses.
2) After the system upgrade, the original gallery face detection and sort albums mode defaults will reply, plse re-set this function as desired
3) This update will not remove your personal data, but it is recommended that you can always do a backup of personal data and avoid unnecessary data loss. The huge update files, we recommend that you use a Wi-Fi connection to download, avoid the use of mobile data connection, or need to pay huge data connection costs

If the upgrade-related issues, plse contact

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