Thursday, May 26, 2016

Xposed Zenfone

How to install xposed on zenfone without bootloop Credit to Shakahuang(Original post: )============================================================DWYOR | Need Rooted Device | Tested on Zenfone 5&6 *Zenfone 4 will bootloop=============================================================

Studied a little bit, do not re-installed after first boot via adb into the phone, add jit_reset_offset in /data /data / /conf below, The following new jit_reset_offset write 148 can be used after reboot :)

adb shell
echo 148> /data/data/ /jit_reset_offset
chmod 664 /data/data/ /jit_reset_offset

Enjoy Xposed! ;-)

References: basically object is also device, so .. :)

Download ADB Fastboot tool ( google it or Here )Extract on pc or laptop (eg c: \ ADB) Install Xposed run the installer but DO NOT INSTALL the FRAMEWORK Exit the installer Xposed Open Command Prompt (eg in c: \ ADB)
Type the command:

adb shell
echo 148> / data / data / / conf / jit_reset_offset
chmod 664 / data / data / / conf / jit_reset_offset

Open Back Xposed new installer install its framework
reboot ....

Zenfone 6

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