Thursday, May 26, 2016

VidTrim - Trimmer v1.2.5 - Download APK

Download VidTrim - Trimmer v1.2.5 APK

DescriptionEdit your s on the go with VidTrim. VidTrim lets you trim s sily.

VidTrim is a editor and organizer for Android.

This is the free ad supported version of VidTrim Pro. The following ftures are supported by both free and paid versions:

- Trim clips right on your device
- Trim original clip (overwrite)
- Save as a new clip
- Play clips
- Share clips (Send e-mail, upload to YouTube etc.)
- Rename clips
- Delete clips

You can buy VidTrim Pro for more ftures including saving frames as s and transcoding your files to smaller sizes.

Some known problems on certain devices:

- Incredible: Internal storage is buggy. Use SD Card to store your s.

- Strk: Official ROM is not supported. It has problems with loading native libraries.

If you have any problems or suggestions plse contact us at:

Uses FFmpeg under permission of PL.

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