Thursday, May 26, 2016

Screen v2.0 - Download APK

Download Screen v2.0 APK

Description Screen is a silly joke app which simulates a mobile phone screen.

How to use:
Start " Screen" and hand your phone to one of your friends. Wait until they touch the screen. Thats when they'll hr a loud noise and notice the " screen" on your phone. Now you can start to blame them for brking your phone, maybe they'll buy you a new one ;)

Shock your friends with rlistic looking screen injuries and nerve wrecking sounds.

This app offers you the most rlistic looking s of , , scratched and completely destroyed screens and displays.

You won't find s with this quality anywhere else for free.

Choose if the display brks when someone touches it, when someone shakes the phone, or when the app starts.

Press the "MENU" button on your phone to find all available settings.

This app is completely free. A little banner ad gets sometimes displayed at the bottom of the screen.
You can disable the ad at no cost at any time via "MENU -> Hide Ad"

Plse contact me in case of bugs.
I'd be also happy to receive new fture suggestions from you.


Enjoy :)


1.) Why does your app demand Internet and Network permissions?

This permissions are needed for the banner ad and error reporting (errors are reported back to the developer).

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