Thursday, May 26, 2016

New ZenUI night shooting ability ZenFone 5 reviews

" quality, rock-solid, "This is all very familiar slogan in the past impression product prices have been too expensive, especially mobile , but the quality of the product itself has been recognized by many people. On the mobile phone products, before PadFone with exquisite workmanship and novel cross-play, left us a deep impression.After a period of silence, posted on CES2014 the ZenFone series , and the models will soon officially relsed in the country through this period of time official propaganda, which everyone ZenFone 5 models even concern, For example, cost-effective, high quality, there are those very "content" promotional copy. But before the official relse, ZenFone price 5 is still suspense, but it is certain that it will reverse the market situation phone part models.

ZenFone 5 is one of the main ftures photographs, especially in low-light environments photographic effect for emphasis. It is equipped with 's back-illuminated camera, 8,000,000 pixels, F2.0 large aperture. After the function into the camera interface is very clr that it supports side intake side shot function, and rapid continuous shooting can be turned on when Burst 100, after which the system will automatically determine the best photos saved.
Pictures of functions, ZenFone 5 a considerable of modes, such as time back, panoramic, night, low light, self-timer, miniatures, lit deleted, more than 10 kinds of buty, and so on, making adjustments based on individual needs.
fully adjustable white balance, exposure value, sensitivity, etc. according to their preferences, as well as auxiliary camera ftures to help us better pictures, such as grid lines, anti-shake and so on.
Because of the time and venue of the evaluation part of the picture, especially in night camera ftures section we will have a more detailed description of the future, and today only a simple proofs show.


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