Thursday, May 26, 2016

Jerry Shen: CEO interview beijing

April 11, Yau Tang Crown Hotel in Beijing held a to "IN SRCH OF INCREDIBLE" as the theme of the new conference, ZenFone 5/6 and PadFone mini official debut in the country, after the Zhongguancun Online Mobile Communiions Business Ministry also CEO Jerry Shen and Mr. numerous product manager interview.The interview guests beside Mr. CEO Jerry Shen responsible for the design tm, UI tm, department hds and cameras, product manager, can be said to be very powerful lineup, which also can be seen in terms of the ZenFone Series models attitude and the importance of the Chinese market.In the interview, CEO Jerry Shen said ZenFone chose 's Atom processor because of its excellent performance, and the performance of the world, whether in the press conference or interview, and responsible for the hardware department of the population have reptedly raised, should be seen in this context is the result of a lot of resrch. And the person in charge of the hardware department, said between and have a grt depth of cooperation, the two companies have set up a special tm to feedback to ch other and solve hardware problems, and also have a special test X86 architecture processors in Android platform under processor, visible aspects of the ZenFone very efforts.After I also asked about the next product plans, Mr. Jerry Shen has next product will be more targeted and subjectivity apprs that there may be in the camera, there may be music, etc. That will open up more in the future product ids, will also enrich its smart phone terminal, as in the notebook market with a strong performance of , in recent yrs, the smart phone is also growing ars of investment.source:

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