Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Install PC Link

Install PC Link in the laptop

1. You can download PC Link from the link below.

2. Select the language.

3. Click “Next".

4. Plse rd the “ Agreement”. You must accept the terms of this agreement before continuing with the installation.

5. Select the components then click “Next”.

6. Click "Install".

7. Start the installation.

8. Click "Finish".

9. Connect the phone to the laptop via an USB cable. You can start to synchronize the phone and the laptop by clicking “Connect”.

Configure PC Link in ZenFone

1. Tap "Appliion".

2. Tap "PC Link".

3. Slide the screen to the next page.

4. Tap "Done".

5. Once you see the screen on the phone, you can start to control the phone via PC Link by initializing the "PC Link" in the laptop.
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