Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to connect the ZenFone and your laptop via Remote Link?

Remote Link is a powerful utility to let you operate the PowerPoint/ Media Player in your laptop via Bluetooth.In this knowledge, you can find how to connect the ZenFone and your laptop via Remote Link.If you want to know more about the operation of the Remote Link, plse refer to this knowledge “How to operate the Power Point / Media Player in your Laptop via Remote Link?”
【Install Smart Gseture in your Laptop】

1. Install Smart Gseture in your laptop. (Link:
* Your laptop must support Bluetooth.

2. Start the setup wizard.

3. Select installation folder then click "Next".

4. Click "Next".

5. Start the installation.

6. Click "Close" to complete the installation.

7. You must restart the system for the configuration changes made to Smart Gesture to take effect.
(Note: You shall save the editing files before clicking “Yes”.)

8. Run Smart Gseture and check the option “Enable Remote Link in my PC”.

9. Initialize the Bluetooth function in your laptop.

【Connect the ZenFone and your laptop via Remote Link】

1. Tap "Appliion".

2. Tap "Remote Link".

3. Tap "Srch device".

4. Select the Bluetooth device from the options. (Ex: LINDA_LEE-NB)

5. Tap "OK".

6. Tap the Bluetooth device to initialize the Bluetooth connection (Ex: LINDA_LEE-NB).

7. Now you shall see "Bluetooth pairing request" on the ZenFone and "Add a device" in your laptop as below.
Plse tap “Pair” and click “Next” separately.

8. The ZenFone is connected to your laptop via Remote Link.

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