Thursday, May 26, 2016

Flappy Bird 1.3 APK Free Download For Andraoid

Flappy Bird has become one of the most popular mobile games. In our previous posts we mentioned about this insanely popular new game -Flappy Bird. This is the frustrating and very addictive game. It makes you want to throw your phone and smash it to bits! A very unconventional game. Developers at Flappy bird have so far relsed Flappy Bird for iOS and Android OS. However, until this arrives, a Flappy Bird clone is alrdy available to download via Phone store.The makers of this game are very smart people, they made a game that will want people to keep going and get a high score this game rlly makes the brain thinks more although the concept sounds sy win you play it gets very crazy and sometimes you might get a high temper.Flap your wings to fly...How to play:> Tap to flap your wings to fly.> Avoid pipes.> Try to get 4 medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard), Platinum (very hard)What's New in Version 1.3:1) Support Android 2.22) Fix bugs.Download Link

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