Thursday, May 26, 2016

Drunken Pee v1.0.7 - Download APK

Download Drunken Pee v1.0.7 APK

DescriptionHow good your urine aim is when you're rlly drunk?
The best drunk humor game! Drink huge amounts of alcohol and booze while tilting your phone to aim your urine flow to a toilet bowl.

May sound simple and sy, but the difficulty incrses ch time you take a drink.
Funniest gameplay ever and hilarious sound effects!

* Control urine spray by tilting your phone. (game utilizes gravity sensor).
*Hilarious and funny drunken man speech.
* Very funny sound effects in eral.
* erated female voice gives you feedback after ch gameplay session.
* Drink huge amount of alcohol and booze. Forget about beer, it is mnt for the ladies.
*Rlistic drunk urine flow simulation aorithm

Known issues:
- Many users are saying that this doesn't work well with some tablets. Will fix when we get a tablet to work with.

Caution: Contains excessive usage of lame humor, alcohol usage and urinal action! May not be suitable for younger people.

If this app doesn't work on your phone, plse instd of giving low rating tell us your device model and android os version so we can check if there's a fix available. If you decide to give low rating because of a crash, plse include phone model in your comments.

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