Thursday, May 26, 2016

Chairman: Would Crte the mobile phone market "affordable luxury"

ZenFone phone yesterday (8th of April) the first Global sale in Taiwan , chairman Johnny Shih declared, would crte the mobile phone market "affordable luxury", as Zara or Uniqlo, mobile phone shipments this yr at lst 5 million jump over last yr Less than 1.5 million multiples grow.
CEO Jerry Shen yesterday named are major competitors in China, including millet, and , next upcoming move to mainland China on Friday held ZenFone on sale press conference, backs against the wall.
launched ZenFone counterattack mobile phone market as the company is an important battle scene grand first sale yesterday, in addition to opening 1000 for fans to buy the phone, the phone also live draw 100 free delivery.
recruited singer Hsiao as ZenFone product spokesperson, Shih praised " and Hsiao are Warlords"; tek full range ZenFone equipped with Atom processor, Asia Pacific and Japan region Song Yi Xiao, president personally site.
ZenFone listed first wave includes 5-inch and 6-inch ZenFone 5 ZenFone 6, Taiwan, priced at 4,490 yuan and 6,990 yuan off, off price and the previously announced U.S. $ 149 starting price is not tax the same, very competitive prices.
In the first wave of Taiwanese ZenFone Distribution amount, 5-inch models first set in 50 000, 6-inch models 30000, pre-opening yesterday, the case will be adjusted depending on pre-order, try to meet consumer demand, beginning April 18 delivery. As entry-4-inch models, the current cell function also improved and is expected to launch in May.
According to 's statistics, as of yesterday evening date, full payment of the amount of pre-order has 30,000, sales enthusiastic.
By the new market incentives, yesterday, shares rose 1.5 yuan, to close at 311.5 yuan, a record Boduanxingao the past 10 months. today announced March revenue will, legal optimistic brand consolidated revenue for the first quarter point more than $ 100 billion, is expected to better than the original estimate of 950 billion yuan.


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