Thursday, May 26, 2016

CEO: "Zenfone 4 will sell the most"

ICTnews - The three Zenfone 4, 5 and 6 are considered to be "warriors" of the new recently launched the Southst Asian market. CEO Jerry Shen Zenfone 4 predicted to account for 50% of all machines sold Zenfone 5 and 6 will also contribute the remaining 50%.

Mr. Jerry Shen, CEO of

is expected to launch the three new Zenfone. Could you share interesting stories of their own at the start of the project Zenfone?

Zenfone is a smartphone that we aim towards mass customers. On the phone industry, is not a "rookie" in the playground, in 10 yrs of development and 3 yrs since I assumed the role of CEO of industries, we have crted Padfone, hybrid devices grt between tablet and phone. Product has been considerable success in the Taiwan market, are classified in premium segment with a high price, even par with high-end products of , and .

Despite achieving considerable success with the Padfone, we have concerns because the product has not been directed to large s of clients due to high prices. Therefore, we strive to crte a converged product design exquisite buty, unsurpassed experience, especially on induction, performance, fture rich camera with professional technology. All of the grt advantages is that it converges in a product with very affordable prices. Since last yr, I often use the term "premium affordable luxury" (premium products at affordable prices - roughly translated) for the development of our direction. It is difficult to get a detailed interpretation of this concept, what is "high", what is "affordable", but I can understand how they attempt to crte an " at moderate prices Does ", navigate to the masses.That is the lodestar, is driven product development Zenfone, is what we strive for.

I myself am using both sample Zenfone 5 and 6 Zenfone for their daily activities such as checking mail, surfing the Web as well as take pictures with Zenfone 5. Particularly with Zenfone 6, I usually carry this model the themselves in the weekend biking trip along the river, using the moment to save the butiful sunset, the rlly grt photos thanks to a professional quality camera, its interface and butiful design.

All the ftures are grt and this is what I'm interested in: a Zenfone luxury and class but with a very affordable price. This is also a big challenge for us by the balance between performance and cost is always a difficult problem. Even so, I always tell the development tm that products: Plse go on, let's keep perfection in ch design, for ch fture, do not let the price factor do you have to compromise efforts that try to balance possible. We strive to crte buty beyond design expectations, and experiences beyond expectations ftures together with prices well above expectation, a special product for everyone to experience and enjoy the plsure plsure and everyday utility. That is the direction of our development Zenfone.

He predicted how the future, the success of ch model in the product line Zenfone? Models to predict what will achieve more success?

For my personal views, 4 inch screen seems a bit small, 5-inch screen and more popular to 6 inches is pretty big. Experience of personal use, I've used Zenfone 5 in 1 month and 6 Zenfone used within 3 weeks and finally I chose 6 inches because the utility it brings, may be because of my eyesight not very good screen to use more appropriate. Not only have big sharp screen, 6 Zenfone also very slim, weighing only 180g, unlike all other models from 6 inches rivals are weighing 200g.It is a very good advantage of Zenfone 6. Particularly for Zenfone 5, I believe that there will be many who love form 5-inch screen is common. So, I personally predict Zenfone 4 will account for 50% of all machines sold Zenfone 5 and 6 also contributes the remaining 50%.

Today, has developed both laptops, tablets and smart, so by his industry will be the focus of its development in the future?

This is a good question that many people including laid down for me. I will say that, I focused on the market "3 in 1" - a common market encompasses all three sectors smart, PCs and tablets. In practice, the boundaries between these products no longer seem clr. You can use your PC for work, for entertainment use tablets and smart to carry wherever you go. We focus on the development of three product sectors, with a lot of effort during the last time we were excellent in the top three PC makers worldwide, just behind and in the tablet market with smart and our ambition to become the lder of innovative improvements as did the Padfone and a lder in crting high-end products at affordable prices.

Sir, plans to develop its own app store with regular updates so that users can enjoy the maximum of this app?

With Zenfone, we introduce a user interface completely separate ZenUI with more than 1,000 new enhancements to help bring exciting mobile experience, convenience than ever before, to help meet the needs of users as the Technology PixelMaster shooting with multiple shooting modes as Selfie, Low Light ... We also have Party Link, Air Link, Remote ... Remote Link Link is the connection method that you can use a smartphone to remote control PC its also PC Link allows you to put your smartphone to PC interface and convenient operation control from the PC screen. Share Link allows you to quickly share files Link Party also helps you to transfer photos to your friends just shooting around. That's the initial results and make sure in the future we will offer more apps, improvements to enrich and bring the best experience to the user.

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